We at Fitoholix become your fitness guide throughout the transformation journey.

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Hop on a journey of physical transformation and fall in love with yourself.

Food That Makes You Look Good

Fitness isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. And, the way you consume food can make it seem relaxing or tiring. So, Paleo, Keto, or even Intermittent Fasting can’t give you results if the habits aren’t lasting. That’s why I help you to develop diet plans that are easy to follow based on your goals and lifestyle.

Personalized Support That Keeps You

I see you as you are. And, I know as humans everyone’s ought to have tough days. Days that keep you away tucked away in your pajamas (or bed). Don’t worry, that’s where I come in. I’ll help you to get back on track and see to it that you don’t fall back again. You can rely on me because, I’ll be there right beside you!

How Is The 100 Days Challenge Different From My Other Fitness Programs?

My sheer participation along with you in this entire regime is why I call it a challenge and not a program. This program starts at the root level of building immunity through planned diet and exercises. The very first week is focused on getting you rid of all the intoxicants you’ve put inside your body knowing or unknowingly. This helps us build a positive foundation for the rest of the days. Then, we slowly move towards the advance stages of building your strength, stamina, and muscles! And, by the time this challenge is over, you’ll already be in love with your new look!

This is unique challenge that I come up with every couple of years to ensure that I stay fit. So, you can be certain that I’ll give my best in it. That’s why the challenge will include: –


You Even Get

Apart from the fact that you’ll undergo a huge physical transformation, every participant gets my 5 Days’ Detox Plan absolutely free! Plus, you even have a shot at winning cash prizes at the end of the 100 days

Here's What you can win

1) 15,000 for the winner
2) 10,000 for the 1st runners up
3) 5,000 for the 2nd runners up
Also get Free 5 days detox program for every participant

Ikram Ansari

A Life Long Foodie by Obsession, a Technocrat by Profession, and a Fitness Model by Passion.

After years of juggling between my personal and professional life I’ve come to terms with two things: –

  1. We humans are a flawed species that often prioritize temporary pleasure (binge eating, drinking, smoking, etc.) over lasting satisfaction (enhanced immunity, better physical appearance, active metabolism, etc.)
  2. A healthy work-life-balance can literally not exist without

Therefore, considering your day job stress as an excuse to not stay fit doesn’t really work well in the long run. On the contrary, transforming yourself through guided physical and dietary training can be a total gamechanger. I know it because I preach it. Being fit has helped me deliver more than 100% in my work life. And, it can do the same for you too. All you need to do is take the first step and click on the button below.


I’ll workout along with you (virtually) just to ensure that you get a hold of the right posture, stance, movements, and technique involved in your workout routine. Plus, I’ll share a new set of exercise every day to ensure the complete transformation of your physique.

Custom Diet Plan

I’ll exclusively devise these as per your fitness and heath goals. You’ll also receive timely alterations on your diet as you begin your transformation journey. This’ll help to enhance your physical attributes on the outside while fortifying your strength, stamina, and immunity on the inside. Together, we’ll build ourselves from the scratch!

I’ll Always Be
There For You

And, that’s not just a cheesy line I say! In fact, I’ll personally ensure that you stay on the right path and never deflect from it. Plus, I’ll encourage you to share your daily progress in terms of physical activities, exercise, meal plans and weight checks. This builds a positive pressure on you to perform at your best and you end up becoming the best version of yourself.

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My App Helps
Keep A Track Of Your Performance

With the help of this advanced app, you and my team will be able to track you progress throughout your training tenure. Most importantly, you’ll never have to wait, for now you can stay in touch with me 24 * 7. Plus, there’re are many features embedded within the app to help you stay fit like: -
• Grocery list based on your diet
• Visible Macros for each meal you consume
• Tutorial videos for each and every workout I allocate for you
• Daily workout/nutrition log to help you figure out your progress
• Daily activity tracker to keep you in check

Still got
doubts ?

Send me your queries, I’ll personally ensure that you stay on the right path and never deflect from it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a customized plan?

Yes, of course. As soon as you enroll for any of the three modules, we’ll send you an email consisting of a questionnaire. This questionnaire will get us an insight into your current physical attributes and your lifestyle. This, in turn, will help us to create a custom plan that’ll work out for you.

When can I expect to receive my plan after registration?

You get to choose the date from which you want to begin your transformation journey. That being said, we take 3 – 4 working days to prepare the best plan for you considering all dietary, physical and physiological aspects.

Can I renew my plan?

We do not have any auto-renewal options available at the time being. However, you can renew the plan at your discretion.

Is there an option for me to change my plans based on new goals?

Yes, we offer you the option to change your existing plan after every three months. This way, you can choose to achieve your short-term goals within a time of three months and then level up your efforts.

Are there any options available for vegetarians?

We create custom plans based on your food preferences as well. So, we can customize a plan specifically for vegetarian people.

Do I need to consume supplements?

Supplements help you enhance your performance in a shorter time frame. That being said, we merely recommend and not compel you to use supplements. You only consume them at your own discretion.

Will you ever change my workouts and diet?

Yes, your workouts will be altered every week. This ensures that your body does not grow accustomed to any specific workout and display lesser results. It also keeps your mind from getting bored and feeling stagnant.

Can I contact my trainer?

Yes, the whole point of personal training is that you can in touch with your trainer. Apart from that, we tend to keep a weekly track of your progress through images and report of your daily workouts.

Do I need to access any gym during the training programs?

Hitting the gym is always a good idea. It can improve your performance. That being said, we guide you through workout plans that can even be done with minimal equipment and at home.