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Software Engineer - Away From Home - Tough Life : Yeah, This summarizes me most of it. 24 years of unparalleled eating and lazy habit, have made me stand at 86 before I was hitting 24th birthday last year. Found Ikram bhai on insta, and felt he can help me get to my goal. Contacted him and got the customized plan for myself. Though I wasn’t very much sticking to the plan, but his design of plan has made me reach my goal. 8 weeks from start and I’m at 79.5 now and much more to go. Working overseas, would buckle up the time, leaving you jam packed to find time to workout and cook healthy meals. But seeing the results, I encouraged myself to adjust the schedules and work much harder to get into shape. Results don’t come over night. Work hard and gain it. I was never left with no energy during this schedule. This actually bundled up my energy more. I was able to hardly run 0.5 mile at a single stretch on thread mill without a stop. But now I’m able to hit 1.5 mile in 18 minutes ( Such is the endurance I gained in the last few weeks).

vamsikrishna USA

I was really slim and athletic during my school and college days but gained a lot of weight after I joined my 9 to 6 job. I reached up to 78 kgs and had a growing belly already. For upto 5 years I had my weight shooting up to 84 kgs. I tried a lot to get into an active lifestyle but my diet never supported me and I fell back to my old routine and instead ganed more fat. I found Ikram Ansari's page on Instagram and saw impressive posts and decided to join his 100 days challenge and I was surprised by the results. I lost 10 kgs in just 5 weeks just by following 80% of his plan. He has been so supportive and always responds well. I am really impressed by the results and so are my friends and family.

Nithin Netherlands

I dont knw how i ended on Ikram’s insta page. But i m glad i endup on his page. I still rember when we started talking abt my transformation he was lik dont wrry hojayega i was lik this guys is so postive .. you can feel those vibes when something good is abt to happen. We started our journey frm last week of Jan19 with 83.5kg and by the mid April i was arund 75 . Boss that feeling when you see in mirror is amazing thanks to Ikram. My frnds said dont trust online, No result etc but this guy has proved them wrng Guys trust me when i do gym i see plenty of Personal Trainers but very few of them give proper attention but this guys even he is not physically present he is available. With every moring his motivation video which is like a prewrkout dose. he is very informative with everthing and in detail you will never feel leftout. He is always availble round the clock giving solution for everything diet,exercise,cardio,warmups, even injuries i mean who does all this specially when its comes to PT. Trust me guys he is worth your money and you will never regret spending your money. I can say he gives his 100% . Plus recently i have even enroll my Wife . Let the Couple Goals begin

Tushar Patel

It was strange time when i met this life changing personality person who believes in transformation.. And i witnessed that path in me.. Its a priviledge honor of mine that i got in contact with him.. He helped me through the journey to get slimmer then i thought.. Truely Satisfied.. Still long way to go with him.

Ankush Mitta

Hey This is Sai , First of all i feel very much blessed to come through this great man IKRAM ANSARI .!! Firstly i have come across lots of online stuff then i saw his instagram page and then i was in little bit of confusion whether to believe that or not..I dont know why but i had trust on him and then we started it 65 days back i.e on april 28th .I was around 108 kgs but now On the 65th day i am 94.8kg..!!All credits to him..!! He has customized my diet lots of times when ever i felt uncomfortable..He gave me workouts and diet that suits to my body..I suggest Ikram for everyone who wanna transform from Fat to Fit ..!! Thankyou..!!

Sai Canada

*Ikram Sir* What do i say about him, he's such gem of a person. He's not only one of the best trainers and fitness expert but also a great human being. I get short of words when it comes to thank him for all the help and support he has offered me. Being fat since childhood and failing after few attempts at shedding those extra kilos made me strongly believe that i can never get into a good shape. But he navigated me through every impossibility with his expertise. He answered all my stupid queries patiently. Today it feels great when people compliment me for my transformation(i owe this to him).i cannot believe i was *104 kgs* few months back. Now i weigh around *83 kgs*. Its like a dream come true. He has my undying gratitude for his online training and constant support. I wish him all the best for his future endeavors. Thank you Thank you so much sir.

Rishabh Noida

Aapme sabse achi baat aapka nature he aapne jo diet work out plan diya tha 10 din me mere andar bahot se changes aaye the but meri kuch Buissness problem vajah se Mai continue na kar paya but us 10 din me jo Maine experience liya vo mere life ka best movement tha Mai 15 tarik se vaps chalu karunga... Love u sir Ur the best

Hitesh Maharashtra

"Magical" would be the word if someone ask me to describe my 65 days transformation journey with ikram sir . His customiser diet plan and workout routine brings the best change in you. Having setup my new business it becomes hard for me to workout regularly but by just following his diet and little workout i hav lost 11 kg in these days. Whenever i felt something is not going right way he immidiately changes the diet plan. I hav seen my other friends taking online routine from other instructors but i feel most satisfied being trained under ikram sir as changes are visible and fast.

Shan Mahuva

I have been under transformation program with ikram from 3 months , I really enjoying training with Ikram . Ikram brings a tone of knowledge and professionalism to every workout and nutrition guidance push me everyday to acheive the best possible results , infact my results are incredible so far to help bring my fitness journey to the next level . As a trainer, Ikram is constantly evolving and is ahead of the curve to get his clients in the best physical shape. Before joining ikram my weight my was 72kgs with 22% body FAT with in 60 days I loss 10kgs and reached to 12% of body FAT . I never thought possible for myself , currently im on clean diet lean mass gain , Ikram is always coming up with different ways to challenge his clients. And ikram shows that " motivation is temporary, inspiration is a lifetime

Pavan Bangalore

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